Sturgeon Caviar

Sturgeon caviar: highest-quality products from Lemberg

Caviar is a valuable product obtained from the sturgeon family fish. It is pretty expensive, but experts and gourmets say it is worth it: the number of natural nutrients and incredible taste make it worth every penny. The high price of this valuable product is also affected by several other factors, such as fish type, processing, and packaging. The production process is often complicated and time-consuming, so the final product you can rightfully be called black gold. 

There are several fish species black caviar is obtained from: Beluga, Siberian sturgeon, Sterlet, and more. Today, thanks to the growing number of aquacultures, sturgeon caviar is becoming more accessible and loved around the world.

Types of Lemberg sturgeon caviar

To produce caviar, the female sturgeon must be fully mature. 

To preserve its unique taste, caviar should be served well chilled. Our tip: put the container in a bowl filled with ice. Be sure to store it in the fridge beforehand, not in the freezer. Here are the caviar types you can choose from in our store:

The Sturgeon caviar price is not too high, so give it a try.

Where to buy in Dubai?

Sturgeon caviar has many natural gifts. It is naturally high in:

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids.
  2. Vitamin B12.
  3. Natural minerals.
  4. Amino acids.

The great thing is that this product is completely natural: there is roe and salt only. So, where to purchase it in Dubai? In our store, you can find a nice selection of products of the highest quality with quick delivery.

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