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Sturgeon Caviar (Black Caviar)

Amur Royal

Amur Royal Caviar is a product that blends together gorgeous looks and outstanding flavor that stems from its close proximity to Beluga Caviar

Beluga caviar


Beluga caviar is the most sought-after of all types of caviar – a traditionally elite delicacy with a pronounced nutty taste

Siberian Sturgeon Caviar

The bright aroma of Siberian sturgeon caviar combined with its delicate texture is just a small part of its benefits.

From 400 AED


Osietra caviar is one of the most expensive and sought-after delicacies in the world, a sign of refined taste and a truly exclusive product.


This excellent specialty comes from a cross between Kaluga and Amur sturgeon and has a characteristic golden, extra large grain – 3.3 mm.

What Is Lemberg Caviar?

«Caviar is an emotional product»

The name Lemberg stands for a fast-growing company that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and claims to offer the widest range of caviar in Europe.
Now that the B2C business has been successfully established, the aim is to grow in the B2B trade as well. In an interview, Managing Director


Caviar and fish delicacies from our own production

High Quality and best price for caviar


Stable supreme quality is Lemberg Caviar House work standard

Fast Delivery in United Arab Emirates

Free delivery on orders above AED 300

Check something interesting about caviar and us…

Black caviar: what is it? What is caviar? Caviar is really nothing but roe, i.e., the eggs of some species of fish. The vast majority of the raw material currently available on the market comes from planned breeding. The animal receives hormones that stimulate ovulation, and then the produced eggs are removed at the right moment through an incision in the urogenital muscle (there are also other options) It is worth paying attention to the fact...

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About Lemberg“Our aim is to make prices on caviar products affordable to all…”Ruslan Volny and Igor LorenzGeneral directorsRuslan Volny, the general director, brought his unique knowledge of caviar and North American work experience to Germany. Through the years Lemberg Caviar House has won its customers' trust by providing stable, supreme-quality caviar products. Every summer Ruslan travels to Alaska, on the Pacific coast, where the fine...

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Caviar – a Stellar Experience for the Senses

For decades, fish caviar has been reigning supreme over the world of high-class, luxury foods, and for good reason: this absolute delicacy melts in your mouth and awakens the senses, providing a gastronomic experience unlike any other.

Our company offers an exclusive selection of sturgeon and salmon caviar, including Osietra, Beluga, Amur Royal, and Imperial, all carefully hand-picked and ready to be delivered to your home at your convenience, wherever you are in the UAE.

If you’ve been wondering how and where to purchase luxury fish roe products in your area, our online store is the perfect place for you.

Caviar UAE Online Store – Timeless Taste, Easy Delivery

This delicacy used to be a rare, yet coveted dish a mere century ago, served only to royals and members of the nobility in certain countries. Today, however, it is exceedingly practical to order caviar UAE online and at your convenience, while maintaining unparalleled flavors. Here at Lemberg Caviar House, we seek to provide all the pleasures of this fish egg delight and its many exquisite variations at a reasonable price, but with no compromises when it comes to quality.

Fish Caviar is Naturally Rich in Nutritional Properties

Even modest serving sizes of this exquisite gift from nature contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, and vitamin B12. Take your pick from Lemberg Caviar’s exceptional assortment and enjoy the many benefits that come with our brand of caviar.

Get Your Caviar Online Dubai Order Through Our Delivery Service

If you find yourself in Dubai, Lemberg Caviar’s online store is the ultimate place to discover and purchase the greatest kinds of caviar from across the world and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Quick, convenient, and refined – every single bead has been meticulously chosen by our experts and prepared to meet the highest standards for Dubai caviar. We ship our caviar in robust insulated containers that perfectly preserve its freshness and unique taste, and we offer free delivery for larger orders.

Perfect for Special Events and Celebrations – Caviar

Whatever event you have in mind, our online store provides detailed explanations of the various kinds of caviar we have on offer, so that you can make the perfect choice for you, your friends, family, or coworkers. Different kinds of red and black caviar with practical delivery options in the UAE: no matter the occasion, we look forward to selecting and delivering the finest grade of caviar to you. We strive to be part of your special day or celebration that will surely be one to keep in fond memory.

About Lemberg Caviar

Lemberg Caviar House is a German brand that has earned the trust and confidence of customers throughout the years by consistently supplying high-quality caviar products. On-site processing and production, a fully-automated canning process, world-class health and food safety conditions, state-of-the-art refrigeration equipment, and an exclusive business partnership with major suppliers: all of these factors serve to ensure the quality of Lemberg Caviar products. You need not worry about how the order will get to you when ordering from our website — thorough product quality control at all stages of production is a constant and mandatory operating element for us.

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