“Our aim is to make prices on caviar products affordable to all…”

Ruslan Volny and Igor Lorenz

General directors

Ruslan Volny, the general director, brought his unique knowledge of caviar and North American work experience to Germany.

Through the years Lemberg Caviar House has won its customers' trust by providing stable, supreme-quality caviar products.

Every summer Ruslan travels to Alaska, on the Pacific coast, where the fine delicacy is produced.He visits two small towns, Sitka and Ketchikan. Here are the factories of our main partners - salmon roe producers.

During his visit to fish factories, Ruslan communicates with technologists and ensures that Lemberg's requirements are met. On-site processing and production, fully-automated canning process, sanitarily sterile factory sections, refrigerating equipment, exclusive business partnership with major solidly-established Canadian and US suppliers, all of the afore cited factors taken together serve to guarantee stable and best quality Lemberg caviar products.


“Uncompromising quality is the main component of our success”

Ruslan does not get tired of repeating. This principle underlies the work of the company as a whole and of each of its employees separately.

And of course, our customers always receive only the freshest product. Selected salmon caviar without any intermediaries comes to our customers directly from our factory in Germany.


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