Europe's market leader offers happiness in a tin - from Beluga to Amur Royal.

We are experiencing a winter of hard times. You should treat yourself to something in between - not only, but especially during the holidays. How about "Happiness in a tin"? Caviar from the company "Lemberg", the largest caviar dealer in Europe. Black caviar, for example, is obtained from sturgeon fish such as Beluga, Osietra, Sevruga - entirely from aquaculture. Wild fishing is banned worldwide.

Caviar is not just Beluga

The bestseller at Lemberg is the Amur Royal – a sturgeon caviar that is almost on a par with Beluga in terms of quality. But not in price. Because with the Amur Royal the "production time" is a lot shorter. Real caviar takes a long time to produce, which makes it so valuable. In order to offer exquisite caviar, the fish must be kept in running water and provided with quality food. Breeders have to wait two to three years before they can determine the sex of a fish. Then only the female sturgeon are selected for further breeding: It takes another five to seven years for the fish to fully grow and only then it is able to produce high-quality caviar. The maturity and growth phase for female belugas lasts up to 20 years; with the Amur Royal - a cross between Kaluga and Amur Stör - up to 10. In terms of taste, this type of caviar is a real treat and is in no way inferior to the expensive Beluga.


Christmas present in a tin

With the best quality and its own packaging lines, the caviar house "Lemberg" has become one of the market leaders not only for sturgeon caviar, but also for salmon caviar. Managing Director Ruslan Volny has unique professional experience in Canada, where he learned all the secrets of caviar processing. Every year during the fishing season, he visits the environmentally friendly fishing areas to select only the freshest raw material.

Caviar is a delicacy that is difficult to resist. The mild, salty taste of round caviar grains that burst pleasantly in the mouth provides an incredible experience. On top of that, it is a naturally healthy food, rich in protein and polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. The highlight: This delicacy does not pose a challenge for the host. You open the tin and the magic moment is there.

Well then, Christmas tins come! Also for those who are still looking for an emotional surprise gift for family or business partners: Lemberg alone offers eight different types of sturgeon caviar.

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